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Month: July 2019

Welcome to my consulting website!

I can take your microbiome sequence data and tell you what it means, better and more affordably than most sequencing centers.

I am a career research scientist specializing in molecular microbial ecology: I take material, extract DNA, and tell you what microscopic organisms were living in it. I have been focusing exclusively on data analysis since 2015 and if you supply me with your NGS data, I can tell you about your microbiomes. I can also advise on how to collect and prepare your environmental samples for analysis of different microscopic organisms.

I find that career researchers often need extra help when a graduate student leaves and cannot or will not finish writing their papers. I can help with that as well, in addition to editing papers for English grammar and spelling. I’m an experienced grantwriter and can help you design experiments, describe rationales, and assist with background research.

In my spare time, in 2020, I thought of several innovative ways to analyze complex but poorly replicated data sets (so, applicable for things like immune system responses, since individuals vary so much that groupings tend to cause errors just because they don’t factor in enough sources of variation, and image data, and probably other kinds of data as well). This work was inspired by my reading from the late 1990s and early 2000s on microbial ecology statistics for poorly replicated groups, as well as my evolving knowledge of how difficult it is to contrast immune system responses and a variety of other complex data types I am still learning about. I’ve since refined my ideas and figured out lots of varying potential applications, including image analysis.

In about 2019 or so, I also came up with a way to measure ecological complexity (in terms of soil science, “soil health”, although this may be equally applicable to sediments, water, or other kinds of ecological environments- possibly even human microbiomes). I also have devised a method for determining future crop productivity/yield based on the same (agricultural soil) data. I’m currently working on finding suitable multi-year datasets to test these ideas, and suitable collaborators to design work to verify it, since I do not have a laboratory of my own. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me.

In April 2021, I contemplated how people react to both the COVID-19 virus and its vaccine which led to novel thoughts about autoimmune disease, and how to predict who will get sick with which symptoms. These are developing thoughts- I still need to do a lot of reading for this one.

And in 2014, I carried out a crowdfunded project, described here, which led to a novel hypothesis about how bacteria interact with eukaryotes. I have not been in a position to write grants as a PI between then and now, but I would like to see the work carried forward.

I can legally work in both Canada and the United States, and am happy to consult for institutions worldwide.

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