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Contact Me

I can be reached at liz(at)

My fees vary depending on the complexity of the project and the time frame required for completion, and I am very happy to provide you with a quote if you are able to provide me with some details about your project, including project design, number of samples, hypotheses to be tested, type of sequencing data, and size of sequence files.

I am also happy to help you with your scientific or other science-based writing.

If you are interested in writing a grant and including me, we will need to confer via video chat or phone call, so please contact me and I’ll get back to you. I am very interested in testing some of the ideas I wrote about on the main page of this website, and may be able to contribute my salary and efforts to your projects, depending on how they are designed and whether I am able to obtain an NSF SIBR or similar grant, or fund my salary otherwise.

I originally was based out of Guelph, ON, Canada, and now am based out of the Dayton area, OH, USA.